By signing up for Automatic Renewal, you agree to let AAA automatically charge your provided credit card for the amount of your annual membership fee. AAA will only do this during the month of your scheduled renewal and will send you a statement indicating your upcoming automatic charges. You can opt out of automatic renewal at any time by calling AAA’s Member Service Center at 1-866-566-8635. Gift memberships enrolled in Automatic Renewal will be charged one month prior to scheduled renewal month.

AAA offers a $5.00 discount (the “Automatic Renewal Discount”) toward the membership dues for each Eligible Membership enrolled in Automatic Renewal. Eligibility: To qualify as an Eligible Membership, the AAA membership must be: (1) a Primary Membership; (2) subject to Automatic Renewal; (3) whose membership dues are not paid for by a party other than the Primary Membership owner. Period: So long as the AAA membership remains an Eligible Membership, AAA will apply the Automatic Renewal Discount at time of join and each membership year thereafter. Reservation of Rights: AAA reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove these terms of the Automatic Renewal Discount Program at any time without prior notice. AAA further reserves the right to determine and to verify all eligibility conditions.